Sometimes, more frequently than not, you may find yourself in a space where creativity seems to be blocked.

Ideas don’t seem to flow to you like they usually do, and normal tasks may seem to take quite a bit more brain power than the norm. When this happens, do not fret, just know that this mental block is temporary and creativity will make its way back to you, it just needs a little nudge in the right direction!

Here are a few mental exercises for you to implement the next time you feel like your creativity has gone on a hiatus.

Practice meditation or the act of stillness.

A lot of time when your mind goes on break it is actually telling you something —that it needs a break.

Practicing mediation is a way to retreat inward and relax your mind and body, while allowing your mind to silence all of the activity racing through it. You can meditate or practice stillness just about anywhere —even in your office at work.

All you will need is five minutes of quiet alone time to sit and be still. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, while making sure your feet are planted into the ground, shoulder’s length apart. Keep your spine straight and your chin upright.

Bring awareness to your breathing in long inhales through your nose, and deep exhales through your mouth. Each time a thought comes into your mind, refocus your attention to your breath.

This activity will allow your brain to return to its natural state of calm, which it turn will release your mental block and allow thoughts and ideas to flow freely.

Mindfulness activities such as meditation and yoga are often used by those in addiction recovery to refocus their mind, so it can be a great stress-reliever for you too, enabling you to relieve built up stress and anxiety.


A lot of times, mental blocks come in the form of having too many thoughts. Having too many ideas in your mind can actually lead to inactivity, which will leave you feeling as though you are creatively stuck.

When you find yourself feeling burdened by too many thoughts, pull out a pen and paper and write down everything as it comes to you. This exercise will invoke creativity as it gets ideas out of your head, and onto paper.

When you do this, you bring your ideas to life and create a sense of urgency to complete them. Allow yourself five minutes to do what is called a “brain dump” to write freely without distraction. No matter how ridiculous you think the idea may seem, if it comes across your mind, write it down.

Once your five minutes are up, take what you’ve written and organize it into a to-do list, in order of importance. Writing is a great way to get your creative juices flowing because it brings forth ideas that you otherwise may have overlooked or placed in the back of your mind.

Take a nap.

Yes, you read that correctly. Sometimes when it seems as though you cannot form ideas, or you become overwhelmed with a project, all your body needs is a little sleep.

You would be amazed at how many people to not value this one, simple yet hugely beneficial factor. When you are tired or overworked, your brain doesn't not function at it’s highest capacity, therefore making it nearly impossible for you to produce anything creative in nature. Be sure to take time-out to get the adequate amount of sleep per night, or schedule a time to nap at some point during your day.

When creativity flows, you may feel powerful, inspired and motivated. It is important to know that although blocks may come, it is merely a part of the process. A little bit of concentrated stillness on your end will provide to be very beneficial in order to keep creativity present in your life!


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