Move out day. It’s a time that (most) young people look forward to and a day that (some) parents have been dreaming about for years. This new Hertz ad features the moment a poignant send off turns into something a little different.

The spot opens with a young guy saying his goodbyes to his parents as prepares to leave the family home.

All his things are packed up (in a Hertz van) and he makes his getaway.

It's only after the parents go back inside the house that they realise they’re son has taken more then what they had thought he had.

The first sign that something isn’t quite right is the lack off coat hooks but thats only the beginning…

It turns out they’re son has taken pretty much every kitchen appliance from the kettle to the dishwasher including all the of the cutlery.

As well as that the lights, curtains and the satellite dish are missing. This guy has made off with the lot.

After an uneasy look at each other the two parents realise that something a bit more important might have been taken.

They quickly rush outside and start searching for Millie, the beloved family pet.

The Hertz TV campaign highlights the amount of stuff you can shift with one of their vans. Good news for some, not so good for others.


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