When you were younger what job did you dream of having?

A firefighter, a pilot, a nurse?

I’m fairly certain your answer wouldn't be a UPS delivery driver, but that's exactly what a kid featured in UPS’s new ad wants to be.

The heart-warming film features four-year-old Carson who has struck up an unusual friendship with a UPS delivery driver, Mr. Ernie, who makes regular trips to his house.

Now Carson wants to follow in Mr. Ernie’s footsteps and deliver his own packages which is where UPS steps in to help.

The video shows the moment Mr. Ernie gives Carson his own miniature UPS delivery truck. Naturally Carson is thrilled with his new wheels and sets off to deliver his first packages to his neighbours.

Apart from one women who seems to think Carson is out for a second round of trick or treating, the first round of deliveries is a success.

It's unclear if UPS is paying young Carson for his work or whether this is more unpaid work experience, either way Carson seems to be having a good time.

The ad is part of UPS’s campaign titled 'Your Wishes Delivered', which includes a number of films showing UPS making people's wishes come true.

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