Whether you consider yourself naturally creative or not, there are some great strategies to help you come up with groundbreaking ideas.

By paying attention to your surroundings, conversations, trends and media, by forcing your brain to think differently, your TV programme idea can go from a fragile concept to the next unmissable show.

The guide below is littered with tips from creative professionals who came up with shows you know and love. These tips include:

  • How to take inspiration from new experiences and trends out in the world
  • Why remixing existing TV shows can lead to new ideas
  • The importance of letting your mind wander when thinking creatively
  • Games you can play when fishing for ideas
  • How creative techniques from the world of advertising can flesh out and simplify TV programme ideas

Other guides in this series:
1. Ideas and inspiration | 2. Develop your idea | 3. Pitch your idea

Cover image courtesy of BBC Academy.


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