By far the most important document for selling your TV programme idea is its treatment.

A treatment's purpose is to convince decision-making readers why your TV programme idea will become must-watch TV, by allowing them to 'view' your TV programme on the page.

Like an employer reading an applicant's CV, a commissioner will expect certain elements in your treatment. A distillation of all your planning into a persuasive and refined two-page document, it should include:

  • The core concept, written in an engaging way – and not much longer than a tweet.
  • A breakdown of the talent or characters featured in your programme.
  • A paragraph describing the structure or format of an episode.
  • Two or three lines describing the mood of the show.
  • An argument why the show is relevant to today's audience.
  • A memorable conclusion, written with flare.

Cover image courtesy of BBC Academy.


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