As creatives, our work is not only something we put tons of effort into creating, it's also how we make money but controlling what happens to our intellectual property (IP) in this digital age can be real challenge, or sometimes more accurately described as a pain in the arse!

Enter - Copyright Hub, who are on the scene trying to make this challenge not so challenging or pain in the arse less so.

To coincide with their VAULT session on Protecting your IP - they along with sponsors Digital Catapult and Getty Images gave away £2000 in a competition.

The competition was a free-for-all to present in video or as an image an intepretation of the theme 'labyrinth' using video and photo content privided by Getty Images.

So after all the submisisons were counted, the winner of the competition was Anneka Warburton and in her own words explains her submission:

'When given the brief ‘Labyrinth’ I knew straight away that I wanted to create a visual journey that took you through different landscapes as if that journey of disparate places was a labyrinth itself. When looking through the Getty video archive I used search terms such as ‘path’, ‘driving through city’, ‘caves’, ‘skiing’ and more, in order to find various pieces of footage that travelled through a range of spaces by different means of transport. Most of the footage I chose was from a POV perspective to make the viewer feel like they are making that journey themselves. (My favourite shot being the one where it looks like you’re on the back of a running dog!) In order to make the journey feel like a labyrinth I reversed some sections, in the same way that when you’re in a maze you have to retrace your steps if you meet a dead end. I improvised and the recorded the vocal a cappella score while watching the video and reflected the progress made throughout the ‘labyrinth’ with rising melodies, and the back tracking sections of the journey with descending melodies.'

The two runners-up were Will Webb with his video entry below:

 And Matt Leggett's image:

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On behalf of Copyright Hub and the sponsors involved, we'd like to say a big thank you for participating. We're continually adding briefs and competitions for you to get involved in so do keep an eye on the competitions page for more opportunities like this.



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