10 years ago, if you wanted to advertise your rock band, you’d be taping up flyers on lampposts. Nowadays… well, you still might be. But if you want anyone to actually attend your gigs, you’ll be updating various social platforms online, where thousands more will see. I won’t delve too much into the massive potential and importance of using social media, because I’m certain you’ve heard it all before. But just to clarify; social media is essential in this new age to spread the word of your brand. Good? Good. Here’re a few tips and tricks for the world of social media, and how to use it to build and sustain a community.


I cannot stress the importance of having a simple, yet unique username that is used for every site. Think about it; if you’ve crammed in a load of ugly underscores and numbers, no one’s going to want to even attempt remembering @_din0saur77 on Twitter or “TedzfilmzTV09” on YouTube. Match your smart username with a snazzy profile picture for each platform, and you’ll be recognised wherever you post. Profile pictures are usually small, so keep them simple, yet eye catching. Banners however, are all about clarifying what your brand is about. If you were part of a textiles company for example, you could grab a high quality snap of some colourful fabrics, with a few bobbins dotted around and a roll of silver ribbon draped across. You get the idea?


You see that little arrow on Twitter? That’s a reply button, and if you want to build your own community, you’ll need to be very friendly with it. People don’t like to get ignored, especially if they want answers, so do try to reply to as many as you can (in of COURSE the most positive, helpful way. Hopefully that does go without saying; if you’re rude to your audience, why on earth are you setting up a brand?!).


What do you get when you cross a company’s social media page with little bit of funny content? A positive feel of the brand and the spread of attention! *Buddum tsh* (that is, if your jokes are actually funny). Just because you’re a business, that doesn’t mean you have to tweet as though you’re in an interview. Are you more likely to share a status that’s full of formal hashtags and promo links, or one with a funny cat?
We both know the answer...

This also ties into your interaction. Holding mini silly competitions on your social networks and getting your followers involved will not only encourage shares of your posts, but it’ll strengthen the idea of your brand being a community, and the loyalty your followers have. 

Plus, it’s fun to tweet photos of silly cats.

Overall, engagement is key. Keep your posts interesting, your brand snazzy looking, and your interactions optimistic. Treat your followers as your friends, and hopefully they’ll do the same to you.


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