It’s the start of a whole new year. And Hiive is a whole new social media platform for the creative industries. You may be thinking, “why would I want to join another social thingymajig?”, and in some ways you’d be right. The underlying question is “how can Hiive benefit me?”

For us, that’s a gift of a question. This site is still young, but it’s also growing rapidly. We’re committed to making these internet pixels the online space for creatives to connect and collaborate with each other. For all our lovely early adopters out there, you’re sitting up front, riding shotgun where it’s not hard to stand out from the crowd and increase your authority. That’s a massive benefit if you’re looking to boost your career opportunities or creative kudos.

And let’s not forget, never before has it been more important to build a personal brand online. Here are a few ways you can cut yourself a juicy slice of authority cake:

1. Create a killer profile that showcases your work

Authority starts with you, your credibility and a great first impression.

Hiive makes it easy to put your best social foot forward, starting with that (oh so familiar) banner and avatar image. Yes, we too want your high-res face. I say ‘high-res’ because Hiive is one of the few social sites that gleefully supports all those fancy retina displays out there. And remember: all Hiive picture uploads are GIF-friendly, which is your opportunity to get down and dirty with even more looping-frame personality.

As creatives, we have to demonstrate an OCD-level of attention to detail. That should include your profile. Upload your LinkedIn credentials, showreel, website and social links—basically everything that brags about how awesome you are. Remember it’s not enough just to have a stellar CV these days—although you should upload yours to Hiive—you need to demonstrate your value and experience.

2. Tagging: your essential tool

Authoritative people always seem to know everything and everyone. As Hiive grows, tagging will become more and more powerful. Again, starting with your profile and tag yourself silly with:

  • The industries you work in (or would like to work in).
  • Your skills (or the ones you’d like).
  • Job roles similar to yours.

And anything else you might find interesting. Why? Because Hiive takes those tags to feed you highly relevant information for your Activity stream and Recommended sections. You’ll be clued up in no time.

3. Make a swarm that your followers will love

Okay, your profile is looking swanky and you’re tagged to the nines. How else can you boost your authority on Hiive? Enter: swarms.

We’ve designed swarms to be an open space—an online creative playground if you will. And in that way, you’re only limited by your imagination; these microsites can play host for whatever online party you want to throw. Upload rich media, photos, videos, animations; create a community which you own and drive.

So you’re an upcoming talent who wants to show off? Perhaps make a swarm covering quick and dirty tips and tricks. You have a creative team, needing to communicate and share resources away from run-of-the-mill solutions? Set up a private swarm. You have bags of experience doing something others want to know about? Add an FAQ section.

4. Unconditional generosity and contribution

On that note, people love Q&A wisdom, and free stuff in general. In fact, internet communities thrive on the easy and open sharing of information. Sometimes it’s tempting to keep a great idea or resource that you’d rather not share with the world. Our advice? Share it anyway. Contributing ideas and skills transforms your personal brand into one that’s approachable, has the industry at heart—and just makes you out to be a better person. What else does it boost? You guessed it: authority.

If the first thing your audience hears from you is highly valuable, they’re sure to listen out for you in the future. They might subscribe to that magazine you shoot for, buy that game you made, book you wrote, or attend that promo event you’ve organised.

5. Start today

Here's the bottom line: that you’ve heard about Hiive offers you a simple way to get stuck in and show off. You should probably start today and get ahead of the curve.

If you're looking for some inspiration on becoming an authority on Hiive, why not check out Matt Amys' swarm? And do post any comments, questions or examples of your authority in the Discussion section below.


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