We always love to see and show off your creativity and as such we always strive to compensate accordingly, whether that be inclusion in Editors' Picks, opportunities to enter briefs from big brands such as Sky, or finding your next role.

And with the end of the Rio Olympics and beginning of the Paralympics, and our last GoPro Hero lounging around we thought a fitting way to give away our last GoPro Hero was to host a competition, with the theme of 'Hero' (Athletic heroes and GoPro Hero, in case you're wondering the relationship there)

The competition brief was simple - send in a video or image inspired by the theme and our favourite will receive a GoPro Hero.

 Some hit the nail on the head on the hero theme


Some we were unsure about...


 And others were darn right wacky... (Note: we like wacky!)


Nonetheless we loved going through each and every entry but there could be only one winner and that was...

Nick Fogg with 'Wake'

The lovely 80-something year old who this short focuses on decided to hold her own wake while she was still alive (and rightfully so)

She felt that those who were being mourned (or celebrated deending on how you look at it) during a wake were actually missing out on a special day, so why not enjoy one why she's alive. What a ledge!

You can check out the winning entry via Nick Fogg's Vimeo Channel.


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