The creative industry is filled with amazing events which connect you to new people, opportunities and latest industry developments.

To mark International Women’s Day, we want you to meet the inspiring Hetty Ashiagbor who brings to life CreatHers– an event aimed at young women who want to get into the creative industry. Hetty shares her secrets for success and why these events are so important.

Can you introduce yourself and your creative work/interests?

Yes certainly. My name is Hetty Ashiagbor and I freelance in television production and digital platforms. I organise and run events for female creatives called CreatHers. These events consist of an industry panel discussion and Q&A, a networking section and a workshop. Plus there’re always independent female vendors displaying and showcasing their unique products and services throughout the event.

Photo by Andrew Harahwa

Could you tell us more about the concept of CreatHers?

The idea behind CreatHers is to create a comfortable environment for females who work in the creative sector. In the past, I’ve experienced negative competition from my fellow female colleagues whilst working in this competitive industry. Furthermore, at times, some women tend to ‘play down’ their skills and talent due to their lack of confidence. The notion of CreatHers is to give female creatives the opportunity to network, collaborate and learn from industry insiders, with the aim of progressing within their career and creative projects.

How important are these CreatHers events for young female creators?

It is very important! Especially as we tend to undervalue the importance of attending career and entrepreneurial networking events. Many opportunities and jobs derive from attending such meetings. These events help women to build their confidence and learn how to apply what they have learnt when it comes to their career.

How have these events benefit young creatives?

As a result of these events, vendors have received partnership opportunities with well-known brands and have expanded their customer base. Guests have met and networked with reputable and high profile experts and individuals and have built their contact database. Attendees have received invaluable advice which has helped them progress within their projects and career.

Photo by Andrew Harahwa

What advice would you give young female creatives looking to break into the creative industry?

Be persistent and don’t give up. Seek advice from the right places by conducting extensive online research, attending events and approaching people who work in the industry and asking them for advice. Building a relationship with people who already work in the sector can be a fantastic way to get your foot in the door. Being persistent is key and try different avenues, if one path doesn’t work, try another path which could lead you to where you want to be.

Photo by Andrew Harahwa



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