Blog by Max Green.

So, Hiive went to Edinburgh.

It's pretty nice, you should go there some time.

However, it wasn't a tourist trip, we were there for the Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival, powered by YouTube, a celebration and convention of all things telly, with a huge showing from the major terrestrial, satellite and internet broadcasters. Plus the traditional conference fare of branded snacks. You might have even noticed some Hiive goodies if you were in attendance.

If you missed it (you just did), be sure to sign up for next years' mailing list, and check out the panels on YouTube, I can highly recommend a handful that I got to see. And you can soak in all the glitz and glamour thanks to our video retrospective. Yes, there was a party in a museum, and no, I wasn't on the list.

'The Thought-Provoker' - Racism in Television Panel

'The Blockbuster' - James MacTaggart Lecture from David Abraham

'The BTS' - Jay Hunt, Channel 4

Itching to be the next big thing in TV? You'd probably want to sign-up to Hiive, where we can connect you with broadcasters across the UK. We'll be with you very shortly. You'll only have to make tea for a little while, or so I've heard.


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