We have some very exciting news for everyone involved with Hiive.

We are in advanced discussions with IdeasTap to help keep their wonderful legacy alive.

IdeasTap has pledged £100,000 to continue supporting creative people after it closes its doors in July - planning to launch a series of funds, competitions and mentoring opportunities through Hiive.

IdeasTap was set to shut down next week but its closure will now be pushed back to 8 July while we work on developing a partnership agreement and prepare to host the first of IdeasTap's opportunities.

£100,000 IdeasTap funds continued

Once the partnership has been finalised, IdeasTap will urge its 200,000 members to come across to Hiive and encourage its 53 partner organisations to continue offering opportunities for creative people through Hiive. IdeasTap will be leading by launching £100,000 worth of funds and competitions, ensuring that its legacy of investing in creative people continues. We are aiming for the first IdeasTap opportunities to launch on Hiive at the end of June.

Working with IdeasTap is an incredible opportunity for us, albeit one tinged with sadness as it’s come about as they wind down. These guys are the industry leaders, the go-to guys when it comes to helping people in the cultural sector get the best start in their careers, and are an organisation we’ve been inspired and influenced by hugely whilst working on Hiive.

Having this partnership in place will encourage IdeasTap partners to continue offering opportunities for creative people through Hiive. We have in place a platform that is already supporting and nurturing creatives through employment and educational opportunities

Hiive has already awarded over £5,000 in bursaries and prizes since launching, and with this initiative we’re delighted to continue rewarding great ideas with the financial backing they deserve.


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