We're delighted to be able to introduce Events, a new event booking system on Hiive that allows individuals and businesses to create events with legacies. 

Hosting an event on Hiive

With simple to use tools and ticketing, competitive fees and an active, creative audience, Hiive offers an ideal platform for your next event.

After your event is over, you'll have access to all of your attendees' Hiive profiles. Virtually catch up with guests, get feedback and start your research for future events. 

You can also manage the post-event wrap up with a Hiive Swarm. Stay in touch with attendees, share documents and photos, and give your event a life after the doors close. 

Good for the pocket

Hiive is not just a complete platform, it's one of the most affordable ways to ticket your event. 

Free events are of course free but if you are looking to sell tickets for your event through Hiive, then we can offer you the best rates in town. 

Imagine you have a little event, just 100 tickets at £10 each. At Hiive's competitive rate of 2.5% per ticket + £0.35 per ticket, it would cost you £70 to put on. This is how it compares to the market:

Billeto - £75
Eventbrite - £84
Bookitbee - £94.20 
Esenio - £105

Selling tickets is simple and profitable. There's no need to give up a huge chunk of your budget to your ticketing system. 

For more information on Hiive Events, click here.

As always, we are really keen to hear from users on how they find this new feature and whether there are things they would like to see added/removed to the system. So, please drop us a line if anything does come to mind.


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