Introducing our next Open Doors Winner is Hayley Tracey. She is an outstanding makeup artist and has worked on various different productions. Read how she found her feet and how future ambitions. 

Hiive: Can you introduce yourself and your creative interests?

Hayley: My name is Hayley and I’m an aspiring independent Hair & Makeup Trainee. I love playing with hair, blood, sweat and dirt.


H: What are you currently working on?

H: Before the holidays I was assisting on the commercial for The Crystal Maze Experience in Manchester which will be featured in cinemas soon. It was an amazing experience and completely different to working on films and music videos.

I’d also completed two courses at Creative Media Skills in Pinewood, working on Period hair with Rupert Simon and Wig Applying & Styling with Anita Burger. I can’t praise these Creative Media Skills enough as not only are you taught by the best industry talent you get to network with other amazing artists. I’m booked on another course with them in February, this time I’ll be learning Casualty Prosthetics (gunshot wounds, etc).

H: When did you know you wanted to work in the creative industries?

H: For me, the interest began first when I saw Rick Bakers work in 'Thriller' and after that, Ve Neill's make up for the vampires in 'The Lost Boys'. 

I fell in love with the magic of hair and makeup and how it can add to a performance. It's really exciting to see the performer become the character as they watch each piece being added.

H: What inspires you to work in TV drama?

H: TV Drama has dramatically changed over the years. The hair and makeup departments produce such beautiful well-crafted work which is at the same level as you would see in a major feature film.

As a viewer and someone who has training in the area, their work really excites me. I want to be a part of this, to train and learn under the guidance of the amazing talent that makes up these teams.

H: Who has been your inspiration when developing the skills of your craft?

H :There are a multitude of artists that inspire me on a daily basis for many reasons. I really enjoy Pippa Wood’s Instagram as I think she’s amazing at all types of makeup and her wig/hair work is phenomenals.

However, as my favourite part of makeup is prosthetics, artists like Mike Marino, Stuart Bray, Joel Harlow and Kazuhiro Tsuji are the most inspirational to me. They are masters of what they do because they have dedicated themselves to their craft and because of this their work is literally out of this world. They’re the reason I’ll always be practicing and learning new skills as I want to be the best I can be.


H: What are your future ambitions?

H: I’ve applied for the Hiive HETV Trainee Finder so I’m really hoping I’ll be successful with my application. I’d love to be looking back this time next year and able to say that I’ve achieved my dreams and gained work experience and paid employment in lots of TV Dramas.

H: What advice would you give anyone starting their career journey in the creative industries/TV drama?

H: Look into what skills you need for the job spec and research the best courses that will be able to teach you these skills. Attend events like the Open Doors as you can network with the right people who can give you the best advice and possibly work experience.

H: *RANDOM QUESTION* - What is one of your New Year's Resolutions?

H: I will be saving for and attending more courses in areas I feel that I need to polish up on and add more skills that I haven’t already achieved. I’ll be using these skills to update my portfolio so that I’ll be able to show any prospective employers my work. I will also be working on and promoting myself more online and social media.


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