Introducing Hayley she is an astounding hair and makeup artist from Manchester. She has worked on incredible short films and hopes to work on High-End TV shows like Poldark and Victoria. 

Can you introduce yourself and your creative work/interests?

I’m Hayley Tracey, a Hair and Makeup Artist. My day to day role can vary greatly from creating natural beauty makeups to sculpting, moulding, running appliances to bring to life the character designs I have in my crazy head. When I left school many years ago I first trained and worked as a hairstylist.

I've always wanted to be a makeup artist since watching Rick Bakers work on Michael Jacksons ‘Thriller’, I just thought it was only something Americans could do until the internet arrived and I was able to research more and follow my passion. I now have a first class honours degree in Special Effects Makeup. I’ve found that in this field the more skills you have help to make you more employable so I’m glad my years of hairdressing have come into use.

What are you currently working on?

I’ve just finished working on two short films in Manchester, which coincidently were both set in the future. On ‘Transition’ I was the only hair and makeup artist and I worked closely with the Director to bring his vision to life. It was a fantastic experience and a lovely crew/cast. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

On the second film, I was the hair and makeup assistant, which I really enjoyed as I like to see how other people work and there's always something to learn by doing this. I’ll be spending the next few weeks putting together some designs for my portfolio. In November I'm going to be doing two courses (Bespoke Period Hair and Wig Application) at Creative Media Skills in Pinewood.

What are your future creative ambitions?

I’d really like to work on High-End TV Dramas like Poldark, Victoria and Doctor Foster. There are many great dramas created these days and the hair and makeup departments work is incredible. I’m hoping to be able to apply for the Creative Skill Sets HETV Trainee finder scheme next time its open so I can gain some experience in this area.

What advice would you give people aspiring to work in a similar creative field?

Don’t give up on yourself or listen to negativity.

Very inspiring words Hayley, keep up the great work. You can follow Haley on Twitter @MunkiMagicUK | Facebook: @MunkiMagicUK | Instagram: munkimagic




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