We caught up with John Danvoye to discuss the great work he has done. Check out his story!

Can you introduce yourself and your creative work/interests?

Before I started my directing career in 2011, I was a journalist back in my hometown of Brussels. From film to TV sets, my work explores both fictional and nonfictional depictions of our everyday reality. I’m really interested in telling universal stories that take place in unfamiliar and dystopian worlds. Characters, story and emotion are the guiding threads which run through my work. Recently, I’ve earned credits on primetime TV shows in Belgium such as The Voice season 6 and my latest short film, Repossessed, was released this year and has already started its festival run. Already it has achieved 3 official selections in the UK and USA.

What are you currently working on?

Along side developing a six-part documentary, I’ve also started my own production company Lighthouse Production creating videos for various TV channels, corporations as well as live events. In September, we will be co-producing a documentary about Terrence Stamp's life. And my producer, Christian Parton, and I are putting together a short film festival called the Annual Short Film Awards which aims to showcase the best talent of the short film world, celebrating the works and achievements of filmmakers in an annual ceremony.

What are your future creative ambitions?

My heart lies in fiction. And, after directing a few short films, I would like to move into feature films.

What advice would you give people aspiring to work in a similar creative field?

The film industry is tough. You’ll have many failures and disappointments, but remember everything takes time. Often, you won't get the results you want first time, but if you have the talent and the motivation, nothing will stop you.

You can keep up with John's work on Twitter: @JohnDanvoye Youtube: @JohnDanvoye and Vimeo: johndanvoye


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