Dear Hiive People,

We had a fantastic mini promotional performance at the Cross Rail Garden performance space in Canary Wharf, where passing suited booted lunchtime office workers observed a snippet of fantastical theatre. It was quite amazing how curious they were in seeing something other worldly amongst the foliage beneath the huge glass and wooden roof structure of the cross rail garden bang in the middle of the business district.

We have also been finalising the lighting design with our talented lighting installation artist Sophie Bramly today. Interesting finding the interplay between the wonders of modern technology - like projectors and smoke machines, and the simplicity of cloth, scrunched up lighting gels and other hand made effects in conjunction with them. We are very much looking forward to open 12 days!

Promo offer for Hiive folks, 25% off with code: hiiveraven.


SynaesTheatre Collective


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