Award winning Victor Adebodun is a film director and head of production house PurpleGeko. His self-funded web TV series Venus Vs Mars hit 1 million YouTube views, before it was snapped up by Sky Living in 2015.

Victor’s online work has proved that, with the right attitude, a strong drive to create and the right skills, great content can find its way to a wider audience, regardless of budget, previous experience or the backing of a TV network.

“I like to represent voices that are not usually seen on mainstream – says Victor – content which is thought provoking, deals with difficult issues, issues that society may not want to really deal with”.

An IT graduate who has always been a huge fan of films, Victor started his TV career working for The Moving Picture Company and was involved in the visual effects element of films such as Harry Potter, James Bond’s SkyFall, Narnia, G.I. Joe and Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.

Inspired by these big movies and after spending time in Vancouver and on set in Pinewood, Victor produced a series of short films before creating Venus Vs Mars in 2011 with acclaimed writer Baby Isako, which secured several awards, including the Screen Nation Digital Award for Best Web Series.

Victor has created content for Channel 4, produced various documentaries and even an online panel chat show called Cut The Chat with filmmaker Femi Oyeniran, which focuses on issues affecting young people and has been filmed live from Camden’s Roundhouse. His feature film Bag Ladies was included in the 2014 Cannes Film Festival’s short film section.

Victor’s ambitions include producing more character driven and emotionally-led TV series with a cinematic feel. “I like to tell a story of a single entity, a single person; I feel as individuals we are made of everything that’s around us, and I want to tell the story of one person but explore all their different facets that makes them who they are”.


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