Most people in the fashion industry will probably tell you that you’re crazy for wanting to be a part of it. The hours are long, the work is hectic, and there is often little visible reward for all your effort. But those who ignore all that and persevere long enough are the ones who actually climb the fashion ladder and eventually look down from the top.

It’s crystal clear that there is a wealth of opportunity for young graduates who wish to enter the world of fashion and textiles. Scrolling through this list will show you that a fashion designer isn’t the only role associated with the industry (although that position is on the list!). Whether you like the sound of being a beamer, buyer, or even a fashion marketer, there are simply so many job openings. Regardless of if you prefer something in the spotlight of fashion shows, or more behind-the-scenes roles in a factory or office, you’ll be sure to be part of the ever-growing trade no matter your choice.

The idea that no two days will be the same is also a tantalizing prospect for some. An industry that is seemingly always on-the-move, fashion is easily one of the more exciting and fast-paced sectors out there. The chance to travel around the world is very common, allowing you to break out of your comfort zone and really expand your own horizons.

Working in fashion and textiles will also give you room to improve your social skills and allow you to meet new people. You will be given the chance to follow other people’s visions, but also provide your own input into various situations, as you develop ideas and thoughts surrounding fashion techniques and trends. In an industry where making the right contacts is often vital for opening new career doors, these people skills will become incredibly useful.

It would be fair to say that the fashion realm has no ceiling as such, due to the fact that every season of every year brings with it new styles, colours, and perhaps most importantly: opportunity for growth. Sometimes the sector isn’t always about ‘the next big thing’ or bringing back old trends, but rather, building upon and improving an already bourgeoning area of fashion. Pure cashmere, for example, is a fibre often prized for its somewhat rarity and exclusiveness, but overall incredible softness. So how exactly does one reinvent the wheel, so to speak? Meike Becker talked about coming from relative obscurity to create a cashmere label for retailer Peter Hahn. This quote from Becker was taken from the Daddy’s Daughters blog post on the Peter Hahn site:

'I am actually proud of the fact that we succeeded in creating a collection from scratch and which has grown so much in the last few years. Now it attracts attention not only in Austria, but also in Switzerland, in South Tyrol and especially in Germany. Also, we smile a lot because we get to work with the most beautiful product on earth.'


This sort of information can spur on a recent graduate, knowing that the right idea at the right time is often all it takes to make it, at least in terms of fashion design. There are risks and challenges with the fashion industry no doubt, but some people live for that life on the edge, and never look back.


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