We're still lapping up that late September sunshine but before the leaves start turning, here are this month's tip top talented and cross-disciplinary creatives who left us craving more...

(they're also members of our new talent swarms - Design, Photographer, Animator and Filmmaker

Jolade Olusanya 

Jolade's a poet, photographer and filmmaker living in East London who grew up in Ogba, Lagos. He dreams of being a director and starting a creative hub in Nigeria, and is inspired by his youth and time spent reading books. 

Gemma Roberts

Do you remember 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt?' Well, Gemma's a 2D animator working on a new adaptation by Channel 4. She's inspired by the exquisite films made by Studio Ghibli and would love to run her own studio.

Emmeline Pidgen

Emmeline won the Freelancer of the Year Award in 2016 and uses a combination of ink and digital illustration in her own work. She illustrates picture books, graphic novels, book covers and more! 

Tina Remiz

Tina's a visual storyteller and documentary artist of Latvian origin, who's fueled by the belief in the power of storytelling to inspire change in society. And she lives on a canal boat in London! She recently founded a marketplace for ethical fashion and tries to focus on what really matters. 



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