Meet Bradely Stearn - a freelance camera assistant in the film industry, working on dramas and commercial productions. He'a also an aspiring director of photography, and talked us through the 3 different camera production roles...

A camera trainee or 3rd assistant camera will make the crew hot drinks, keep the kit tidy and assist the second AC/focus puller.

The next role is a 2nd assistant camera or clapper board holder. You'll be slating the shot with the clapper board, keeping track of camera settings and syncing the sound to the camera.

As the focus puller or 1st AC you'll maintan image sharpness and discuss the kind of shots you'll be shooting with the Director of Photography.

Bradley started camera assisting at uni; for the first two years of his career his jobs were expenses only...contacts eventually brought him onto bigger and better productions! Now he makes a living out of his passion and has worked on high end commercials for Virgin Trains and Amazon Prime. 

'The best way to become a camera assistant is to learn on set and be hands on with the job!' 

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