Leo Bridle's the star of our fifth Spotlight episode! He was a freelance animator for over five years and now works as the Creative Director at Powster. 

In this role Leo mainly works on pitches and the presentation of ideas, as well as working with other designers and creative directors in brainstorming sesssions. 

The most challenging part of his job is working with clients; learning how to deal with their feedback, and manage their expectations, as well as choosing projects which are satisfying as well as money making! 

As a freelance animator for over five years working on music videos, Leo made the transition to working at Powster by making a self-initiated and self-funded interactive film...

His golden nugget of advice: You've got to do it yourself before someone else knows you can do it! Take a risk and expose yourself, make your own story and your own work. The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. 

You can follow Leo on Twitter here 


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