My first day in a ‘real life’ office and ‘proper’ job was really daunting for me, what do I wear? Do I ask to go to lunch? Do I really know what I’m doing?

After my two trains getting cancelled and my third delayed I was on my way, still stressing about all the things I wanted to know.

Although I had already been to the offices on a college trip, I wondered what it would actually be like now to be the one sitting on a desk doing ‘real’ work!

I arrived at reception and wasn’t even sure what to say - my mind had gone blank and all I could remember “it’s my first day.”

I was then shown to my desk, walking through the open plan office I had images the night before of everyone turning round and glaring, but it was the complete opposite everyone was really friendly and so welcoming!

I was still very nervous and one by one people were approaching me saying “welcome” “how’s your day going.” With everyone being so kind I still managed to say “welcome” back to someone when they welcomed me instead of saying hello (I felt myself go scarlet).

I was given a brief introduction to how the computers worked, the emails etc. and then the real worked started, I was given my email address. I hadn’t even been there an hour but my inbox had already reached 50+ emails! After briefly reading through them I was asked to write some blog posts, I struggled with them a lot more than I thought I would. Writing something that is engaging and would actually capture a reader’s attention was very different from the structured and disciplined writing I was used to in school.

Not only was it my first day I had my first ever meeting and it was quite the experience, I sat there and it was a lot less scary than I thought. Although I did not suggest anything but I believe it was because deep down I was still overwhelmed with everything!

I took lunch when I wanted which of course was another new experience for me and ended up eating at my desk. I also realised that most people had boxes of unusual teas on their desks so I also went out that lunch and bought some ‘unusual’ tea bags.

I have now been in the Hiive team as a trainee for nearly three weeks and I have really settled in, although not being here long I have learnt so much from the simplest things like using outlook properly to creating engaging social media. Throughout my time as a trainee I will be writing blogs about my experiences.

If anyone has any questions, pop them in the comments box below!


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