Beer, blow up bananas and good, old Billy Shakespeare.

Shit-Faced Shakespeare at the Leicester Square Theatre, is a twist on the classic story of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, where one of the six actors are selected before the 70 -minute performance, and becomes intoxicated both before and during the show.

The actress, Louise Lee, had drunk 10 bottles of Peroni – 12 by the time the play had ended its course- and other mixed concoctions prior to the show starting!

The show had its first ever sign-interpreted performance, at 7pm, Saturday 22nd July. Which not only involved the audience members who are hearing impaired into the stories, but also adds another element onto the show itself. The interpreter signed for the whole length of the show. She signed even the unexpected for the hard of hearing theatre lovers. Which includes all the jokes, barbs and why Louise Lee was hitting one of her co-workers with an inflatable banana (to replace a rather dangerous looking sword and to protect her fellow actors from injury.) All that went along with the play on that day. It also made the abled hearing members of the audience aware of how to sign some of the ruder words that were said during the performance.

Not knowing what was going to happen or be said throughout the play added an element of surprise to both cast members and the audience. Which keeps everything fresh and unique with each performance. The sober actors follow the structure of the original play, but they’re improvising and constantly evolving to include the actions of their inebriated cast member. Which also included a “spewing patio” warning for the front two rows, so they are prepared for the worst (a bit like a splash zone in Sea World).

This production was the first introduction to Shakespeare for my companion, they had no knowledge of the play and had thoroughly enjoyed it. So if you want a raucous romp with the bard and just a really good night out. Even if you have to sell your Mum for a ticket (though she’d probably want to go too) Shit-Faced Shakespeare is a must!



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