Advertising and MarComms

Jobs in Advertising and Marketing Communications
The advertising industry is huge, with job roles to reflect all personality types. Copywriters and Art Directors are the main creatives of the industry, being responsible for thinking up an idea for an advert and then going forward with writing and creating it. However, there are a slew of technical roles for those who wish to be on-set, or creating visual effects work, or even researching to develop new marketing technology. There’s also management and organiser based roles like producers and accounts management.

There are two very different places of work within advertising – In-house or Agency. An in-house team would be a department in a company that works specifically on their advertising and campaigns. While they are judged on instant successes, they are able to develop a much larger long-term vision for their strategies. An agency is an external company that a company would hire to create advertising campaigns for. While the hours are less consistent in an agency, there’s more opportunity to be creative, and allows for an advertiser to work on a lot of different companies.

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