When starting a career in the Film industry,  it’s vital to get an idea for which specific part of it you want to enter. There are many roles, but knowing if you want to work with sound or post production will help you nurture the right skills in working towards your goal.

Choosing a location is important as well - while the major studios are in and around London, there are emerging markets in Scotland and South East England.

The film industry is huge, with job roles to reflect all personality types. While the traditional on-set roles like Camera Operator or Director are what the industry is most associated with; there are a slew of roles based in production offices or editing houses, such as Distributor or Editor, meaning that even if you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to go on location, there are still jobs in the film industry for you.

In the careers section of Hiive we can’t guarantee you a job in film but we can give you advice on the different options you have that can increase your chances of getting your foot in the door.

What are my options when I leave school?

There are two main options to consider after leaving school when considering a career in the film industry.


With apprenticeships, you can earn and learn, working in the film industry while you learn both on the job and at college, giving you a great foundation to build your film career.

There are two apprenticeships for film in the UK, Craft and Technical Roles for Film and TV and Creative and Digital Media.

Degree Courses

If you’re considering further education in the film industry, it worth knowing about the Creative Skillset Tick. This is the quality mark that is awarded by industry to the degree courses that have the closest links with industry, that provide the highest level of industry-relevant education, and that offer the facilities that match what’s being used in the industry.

For film courses, there are is a broad range of Tick degree courses for you to have a look at and choose from:

Looking for your first job in film

The apprenticeships and degree courses above will help you stand out from the crowd. If you’ve been on a Tick degree course you will be eligible for our Trainee Finder scheme where we offer trainee placements within the UK Film Industry.


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