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American actor Eddy Kariti began his acting career in 1999 when he was cast in the film “Gate”. Although the movie didn’t necessarily reach a major success, still it helped the young actor gain some experience and get a first-hand perspective of what it looks to be on set.

Determined to follow his ambition, Kariti next auditioned for a TV Series and was chosen to join the cast. It was exactly through the TV Series that Eddy Kariti reached the public, and acquired a base of fans.

Concerned not to be typecast by appearing in only certain types of roles, Mr. Kariti next auditioned for a comedy. He landed one of the leading roles and once again proved to everyone just how versatile he can be.

Today, Eddy Kariti is an established actor with a wide range of roles behind him. Recently he tries his hand at playing on stage.


Eddy Kariti
143 Vine Ave
New York City
New York
United States

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