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Established in 1992 by brothers Jason and Chris Kingsley, the Oxford-based developer’s reputation was firmly established by the innovative Alien Vs Predator on the Atari Jaguar in 1995 and Aliens Vs. Predator on PC in 1999, both games years ahead of their time.

After the purchase of seminal British comic book 2000 AD in the year 2000, Rebellion released two games on popular characters from the long-running title – Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death in 2003 and Rogue Trooper, which won both critical acclaim and was nominated for two British BAFTA awards for ‘Best Character’ and ‘Best Screenplay’ later that year.

In 2005, Sniper Elite received critical acclaim, global sales success and won the TIGA Award for ‘Best PC/Console Game 2005’. Lauded as ‘The Gran Turismo of war games' by the gaming press, it has built upon the collection of Rebellion-owned IPs, which includes World War Zero and the 2000 AD characters Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper.

In addition to games and comics, Rebellion’s book publishing arm - Abaddon Books - was launched in the summer of 2006. Focusing on science fiction adventure and fantasy stories, Abaddon was joined by Solaris, bought from BL Publishing, and the two imprints have built up a substantial body of critically-acclaimed and bestselling work.

2010 - 2013
In 2010, Rebellion’s Aliens vs. Predator game became the fastest-selling game of 2010 in the UK and a number one hit for SEGA.

More success was to follow with what would be one of the studio's greatest years...

2012 saw the release of two major games from the studio. Neverdead for Konami was developed with Shinta Nojiri while Sniper Elite V2, which Rebellion co-developed with 505 Games, quickly became one of the studio's greatest titles – reaching the top of pre-order charts for almost all major retailers and territories with millions of sales.

Moving into 2013, Rebellion expanded with a slew of succesful mobile and tablet games across iOS, Android and Windows Phone with over 10 million players including Zombie HQ, Joust Legend and Judge Dredd vs Zombies.

However the studio's standout success was the self-published Sniper Elite spin-off series, Zombie Army - currently a PC exclusive and with over half a million sales to date across two titles.

The beginning of 2014 saw a hugely succesful open beta for Evil Genius Online on Facebook (launching globally on iOS later this year) while the hotly anticipated Sniper Elite 3 launched across PC, current and next-gen consoles reaching no 1 in the UK charts and across many others in Europe.

Rebellion also announced that the Zombie Army series would be self-published on consoles, and this combined with as yet unnannounced projects will cap off a remarkable year, the studio already nominated for "Best Independent Developer" by Develop magazine.

It is Rebellion’s aim to produce innovative videogame products of the highest quality, to have solid links with comic, book and movie content and ultimately ensure that the final experience is as awesome as possible.

Rebellion are working on their strongest ever line-up of AAA titles, with Battlezone announced as an exciting VR project, and still more announcements to come in the near future!



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