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This Cookies Policy sets out how we, Creative Skillset Sector Skills Council Limited, or any successor in title (we / us / our) , use cookies when you (you / your) use the Hiive website and any related mobile applications and any of our other online or mobile products (collectively, Hiive or any successor in title). It forms part of our Privacy Policy, which (together with our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions and any other documents referred to in these documents) explains how we use any personal information about you that we collect when you use Hiive. Please read these documents carefully. Defined words used in the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy shall have the same meaning when used in this Cookies Policy.

By using Hiive you are confirming your consent to our use of cookies as explained in this Cookies Policy.

About cookies

When we refer to “cookies” we mean any tool used to store or access information on a User’s computer or other device. Cookies are widely used to allow online and mobile sites to function efficiently. A cookie is often a small text file that (depending on your browser settings) is deposited on your computer, mobile phone, tablet or other device when you visit a site. The cookie may be sent back to that site when you visit again, and may then be used by the server to identify and track your use of Hiive.

Cookies last for various durations. A “session cookie” is a short lived cookie which, depending on your browser settings, is generally deleted when you close your browser. A “persistent” cookie is a long-term cookie that will be stored by your browser until its set expiry date (unless you delete it before the expiry date).

There are four widely recognised categories of cookie by function:

  • Strictly necessary cookies. These are necessary for the operation of a site (or part of a site), e.g. enabling a user to log into secure areas of a site.
  • Performance cookies. These are limited to performance and website improvement, e.g. measuring errors to support service improvement.
  • Functionality cookies. These are usually the result of an action by a visitor to a site. They may be used to stop a visitor being offered the same service twice, e.g. so as to prevent a visitor from being asked if they want to fill in a survey when they have already chosen not to do so.
  • Targeting cookies or advertising cookies. These record your browsing history (such as visits to sites, visits to particular pages and links followed) and use that information to make content and/or advertising displayed on a site more relevant to you.

How we use cookies

We use certain types of cookie:

  • to inform you Hiive is using cookies;
  • to evaluate the use of Hiive and compile a report for us;
  • to identify you as you use Hiive;
  • to help us authenticate you as a registered User of and to give you access to your user profile;
  • to maximise security;
  • to customise and personalise your experience of Hiive.

These cookies do not contain any information that, in itself, personally identifies you and do not provide us with access to the rest of your device. We may, however, associate the information contained in cookies with personal information that you have provided to us separately.

Here is a list of the cookies that we use on Hiive, and details of what each of the cookies is used for.

Cookie name Cookie type Purpose
Google Analytics Cookies*
__utma: Persistent. Duration: 2 yrs
__utmb: Persistent. Duration: 30mins
__utmc: Session
__utmz: Persistent. Duration: 6 months
__utmv: Persistent. Duration: 2 yrs
When a user visits Hiive, these cookies are used to distinguish unique users, sessions and visits.
The information they record helps us to measure how visitors use Hiive. We use the information they provide to help improve Hiive.
.AspNet.ApplicationCookie Session When a user visits Hiive, this cookie is used to let us know who they are, so that the user’s activities on Hiive are unique to them.
AspNet.Correlation.Google Session When a user visits Hiive, this cookie is used to validate they are logged in and who the security provider was.
AspNet.ExternalCookie Session When a user visits Hiive, this cookie is used to validate they are logged in and who the security provider was.
__RequestVerificationToken Session When a user fills in a form on Hiive, this cookie is used to protect that form from being tampered with or mimicked.

* The information generated by the Google Analytics Cookies about your use of Hiive (including your IP address) is anonymous (i.e. it does not identify you personally) and will be sent to Google and held on Google’s servers in the USA in accordance with Google’s privacy policy (available at Please note that Google may also transfer Google-held information to third parties where required to do so by law, or where such third parties process the information on Google's behalf. We may introduce further types of cookie from time to time to improve your experience of Hiive. If we do so, we shall update the list above to note any further cookies used on Hiive. If you require any further information on the cookies that we use, you can contact us as described in the How to contact us section below.

Third-party cookies

Please note that Hiive may include links to other websites operated by third parties. Those websites are not controlled by us and may also use cookies. You should check the privacy and cookies policies posted on the relevant third-party sites for further information on their use of cookies (including details of how to reject or delete such cookies).

Rejecting and deleting cookies

If you object to the use of cookies on Hiive, most browsers can be configured to alert you to their use or to enable you to reject browser-based cookies. Third parties may use certain special types of cookies (such as flash cookies) that cannot be disabled by configuring browsers, although other methods of preventing or managing such cookies may be available to you (such as via the relevant third-party settings panel). You can also delete cookies already stored on your device.

To learn how to reject or delete cookies, we recommend that you consult the "Help" function of your internet browser or, for a mobile phone, your handset manual.

Below is a guide on where to find information about controlling cookies, depending on your internet browser.

Browser Where to find information about controlling cookies
Internet Explorer

Further information on rejection and deletion of cookies is provided at

If, however, you decide to disable or delete any cookies, some parts or features of Hiive (especially interactive features) may not work properly. Disabling or deleting cookies may also affect your ability to use other online or mobile sites.

How to contact us

If you have any questions on this Cookies Policy or our use of cookies, you can email us at or

Changes to this Cookies Policy

We may at any time update or otherwise modify this Cookies Policy. We will notify you of any changes to our Cookies Policy by posting the modified Cookies Policy on Hiive. If you then continue to use Hiive, you will be confirming your consent to our use of cookies as set out in the modified Cookies Policy. You are encouraged to check the terms of this Cookies Policy whenever you visit Hiive.

This policy was last modified on May 2018