Careers in Theatre & Performing Arts

Careers in Theatre & Performing Arts

After the success of their totally sold-out 2016 events, ERIC Festival is coming to Covent Garden with their Theatre & Performing Arts festival!

Ever wondered what it's like to work in the Theatre or Performing Arts industry? Ever been curious about what goes on into making a live production? What jobs are there? How much would you earn? So many questions, right!?

Come along to ERIC Festival on 25th June 2017. We’ll be focusing on the opportunities, realities and questions around getting a career in the Theatre & Performing Arts industry. We'll be talking about on-stage careers, but we’ll also be exploring the behind the curtain roles for those that have a passion in the arts, but aren't performers themselves.
There is a difference between our events and normal career fairs - we host them all in amazing locations and make sure we create an immersive 'festival' vibe. Interactive technology, innovative exhibitors, industry workshops, free stuff... this is the careers fair that aspiring creatives can’t get enough of.

A special thank you to our partners The h. Club Foundation, Unsigned Music Awards, Big Creative Education and Hiive for their support!

Not sure what to expect? Take a look at our youtube channel to see what happened at our Music event and Broadcast Media event!

See our other events this year: Broadcast Media (Glasgow), Fashion (London & Manchester) and Advertising & Marketing (London).



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