CHROMA: Green Issue

CHROMA: Green Issue

11 - 13 November 2016
Art Hub Gallery, 5-8 Creekside, Deptford, London, SE8 4SA
Launch party: 10 November 2016 6-9pm


CHROMA: Green Issue will present over 50 works from both national and international artists. A collection of works made in isolation from one another with a colour being the only given commonality, the show will explore the conversations the works can and are forced to have through their curation and what elements of association are generated to form a narrative or dialogue. The show will experiment with the possibilities of language as a response to something inherently visual, and the relationship between this collective chromatic discourse and each individual work. CHROMA: Green Issue will also take the form of a publication, presenting the same conceptual exploration but transferring the responsibility of curation to the reader.

The exhibition and publication will showcase works in response to ‘green’; as words, as colours, as a feeling, as an experience, as a sensation, as a signal, or as anything else. The resulting collections will explore what conversations erupt between interpretation and curation.


CHROMA is a curation of visual thought and exists both as space and document 

It acts as a platform for elaboration and articulation, exploring the narrative potential of aesthetic and visual arrangement

The published and exhibited results are amalgamations of open submissions

CHROMA produces experiments in chromatic language | @chromacollections

CHROMA: Artist Talks
Sunday 13th November 4-6pm
A selection of five artists will be speaking about their practices at our CHROMA: Green Issue Exhibition. Come along to either listen, engage in discussion or to have a drinks during the final few hours of the exhibition.



5-8 Creekside
United Kingdom

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