Monopoles: an exhibition about art and physics

Monopoles: an exhibition about art and physics

Friday 28 Oct, 6-8.30pm: Exhibition Opening
7pm: a talk about magnetic monopoles by Professor Arttu Rajantie (Imperial College)
7.30pm: a short play performance by Ewen Maclachlan

Saturday 29 Oct, 12 noon-6pm
2-3pm: 'This Tremendous World of Interconnecting Hierarchies’, a talk by artist Geraldine Cox on nature and physics
4-4:45pm: a discussion on Theory and Practice in Art and Physics with Dr Sophie Seita (poet), Dr Thomas Haworth (astrophysicist), and Santiago Cabrera Marquez (physicist).

Sunday 30 Oct, 12 noon-6pm

Space and time bend. Intuition falters. What do we really know? Monopoles is a weekend of exhibitions, talks and performances featuring cutting edge physics alongside award-winning art, film, poetry and music.

Monopoles brings the search for the magnetic monopole at the Large Hadron Collider (CERN) into a Bermondsey art space. The weekend will open with an evening of screenings, performance and a talk by Professor Arttu Rajantie (Imperial College, London), a leading authority on magnetic monopoles.

The monopole is a hypothetical particle with only one magnetic pole. If found, it would change how we think about space, time and the universe. In collaboration with physicists at Imperial College London, and co-curated by Yates Norton and Emma Stirling, Monopoles is a new cross-disciplinary exhibition that brings scientists and artists together to explore anti-intuitive ideas that test the boundaries of our knowledge.

Monopoles is curated by Emma Stirling and Yates Norton in collaboration with physicist Oliver Gould. Their practice frequently includes collaborations with artists in London, Berlin, and New York. Emma Stirling is artistic director of Recursion Co, a cross-disciplinary arts company; her last performance was commissioned by The Yard Theatre and Ovalhouse. Yates Norton is a curator and artist. He has recently worked on exhibitions at the Courtauld Gallery and Courtauld Institute.

Featuring works by
Anna Moser
Burleigh Morton
Christopher Gonzalez-Crane
Ella Wearing
Emily Kloppenburg
Emma Stirling
Ewen Maclachlan
Iain Woods
Jocelyn Spaar
Karen Loader
Kieran Bruce
Laurie Lewis
Rose Pickles
Yates Norton

And recorded talks by
Fiora Salis
Genevieve Marciniak
Giulia Ferlito
Oliver Gould



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