UnlockYourGenius - Unlocking Creativity on Demand

UnlockYourGenius - Unlocking Creativity on Demand

Creativity is a top priority for any business. In fact is the second biggest contributor to ROI. If you are reading this, chances are you are in the creative industry, hence somewhat consider youself endowed with this gift but perhaps you just realised how valuable what you do actually is! It practically moves our entire economy.

However, you probably have strugged with how elusive and mysterious creativity can be and see it as a finite quantity that can dry up at any time...

The good news is that Creativity is innate to ALL of us.
The other good news is that it is not a finite quantity but a flow that can be drawn upon infinitely, if we know how to plug into the source of it.
Better still, all we need is the right mindset and a few simple techniques in order to access this energy whenever we need it.

This 3-hour workshop is aimed at empowering you with the right attitude and some of these timeless tools. The workshop will include some yoga, breathing & mindfulness exercises to get the right energetic flow in body & mind.

No previous experience is required, just an open mind and desire to reach new levels in your creative output.

Email: tia@unlockyourblock.co.uk if you have any questions.



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