Alien Covenant: It Was A Big U F NO

I didn’t even buy snacks for this film, I didn’t want to be distracted, I wanted to give it my full attention and it started well the font in particular for the opening titles was a winner, I love a good font, the trailers had left me intrigued.

So we started off well with the Covenant heading to start fresh in Origae-6 with a cargo of 2000 colonists but unfortunately it was downhill from around 20 minutes in with our characters making stupid decisions left right and centre. They receive a rogue transmission from a nearby planet that looks like it could support human life and decide to send a group down to explore the planet, have this crew never watched horror films?

Whilst the interactions amongst the crew flow seamlessly and come across as a group who have spent a great amount of time working together there’s no one we really get to go on this journey with, no one character who we get to discover more about. The captain played by Billy Crudup has no leadership skills and no faith in his own decisions, the peak of his lack of common sense being the point where he sticks his head over an alien plant after being told it’s safe by someone he’s only just met. As individuals the crew fell flat and didn’t give me any sort of insight as to who they are. I always wonder where they find these crew members, surely for a mission as important as this you’d have your pick of the punch so how do we always end up with capable yet unimpressive characters?

The most memorable performances were David and Daniels played by Fassbender and Waterston. I could have happily watched the entire film from David’s perspective, seeing more of his research and his motivations. The cinematography, sound design and production design can’t be faulted and there are some incredible moments that make it worth the cinema trip (unless it’s a £22 IMAX ticket… not much can make that worthwhile).

People who haven’t seen the past Alien films may find more of an appreciation for it if they start with this one and work their way up, a definite improvement on Prometheus but still unfortunately didn’t quite hit the mark. 

Our rating: 2/5
Alien Covenant is out in cinemas now.


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