Artifical Intelligence with Robotics at De Montfort University

Turns out that Artificial Intelligence isn’t just a thing of the future or a movie directed by Steven Spielberg: it’s an emerging industry in need of new talent.

De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester offers Artificial Intelligence with Robotics (also known as Intelligent Systems MComp). A mash-up of computers, science and problem solving, the course lasts for three years with the option to spend another in an industry placement. It’s also taught by the clever folk at Centre for Computational Intelligence, which has a great reputation all over the world.

During the degree, you’ll spend some time on the computer, modelling and programming hardware and software. Also expect to spend a lot of time in DMU’s purpose-built lab, chasing the mobile robots you create. Ultimately, the name of the game is to solve repetitive problems, in almost any setting, with some super smart circuitry—whether that’s in computer games, helping machines understanding human languages, or recreating an electronic brain.


Ready to press the power button?

If you like Honda's ASIMO, imagine what technology will be available at the end of your degree. This is a market of the future...

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David Durbin

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David Durbin

Freelance Content Writer, Copywriter and Email Marketer

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