August's Ones to Watch

Happy August Hiiveans! In our second episode of 'Ones to Watch' we've scoured the boundless talent on Hiive to introduce four FANTASTIC creative professionals who left us feeling inspired.....

Lanre Malaolu

Lanre won our Creative Talent Fund for Hackney, and was also selected as one of the Old Vic 12 emerging artists in 2015 - we couldn't resist featuring him as one of our 'Ones to Watch' for August! He claims he was a hyperactive child but now channels his energy and storytelling impulse into theatre and dance pieces with powerful messages to portray.  

Pedro Allevato 

Pedro's a designer and animator; he might be a big kid at heart with a passion for skateboarding, but his creative portfolio is anything from juvenile! This Hiivean's a multi-talented computer wizard who defines his style as a 'seamless flirt' between 2D, 3D animation and graphic design...ooh la la! 

Tereza Rosalie Kladošová

Tereza lives in Prague and is inspired by the mantra '"Take it easy and make beautiful things"...But far from having her head in the clouds she's a driven fashion designer who works with textile techniques to evoke memories of childhood, keeping things playful and fun. 

Charlotte Regan 

The one, the only....our Hiive videographer and superstar director! Charlotte's short film 'Standby' has been selected for the Toronto International Film Festival - don't miss her no-nonsense advice! 





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Charlie Duffield

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