B+W film, disposable camera, Macbook: Who is Grant Armour?

If ever there was a top drawer whose contents spoke volumes about its owner, it’s Grant Armour’s. At first glance, you might assume he’s a photographer who likes to keep his head warm. But you’d be mistaken (about the first bit anyway). In fact, for the last three and a half years, Grant's worked for VICE as a self-shooting Director, Producer and Composer.

Certainly, he shoots photos—on an Olympus OM-10 and Fuji disposable—but they’re simply reconnoitring tools for his moviemaking workflow:

“My film SLR camera with 50mm lens is great for capturing portraits of potential characters without putting a massive broadcast camera in people’s faces. A disposable is also great for catching people off guard and getting a more honest portrayal of their character.”

The word that comes to mind with Grant is ‘exposure’. Travelling all over the world for the scoop on a VICE documentary, this filmmaker exposes matter-of-fact reality by shining his camera lighting into all the dark corners he finds. For example, past movie projects have included, a documentary on the underground British wrestling scene, a two-part film simply named ‘Blood Sacrifice in Sumba’, and (most recently) an exploration into love and sex in the digital age, with stop-overs in Amsterdam and L.A.’s ‘Porn Valley’.

For those filming excursions, Grant’s Macbook is his constant companion:

“My laptop has all the tools I need to make a film, I use it throughout the production process and take it everywhere with me, from early research to building relationships with contributors to editing and even composing music while out in the field.”

When shooting his documentary, Grant has used a Canon C300 for its “cinematic look”, but he has his sights set on some new kit for Christmas:

“The next item I’m looking to add to my kit is the new Sony FS7. It looks like it could be the perfect documentary camera for shooting vérité, where everything you need is at your fingertips.”

Thanks, Grant, for showing us your top drawer. Check out his tweets on Twitter, his snaps on Instagram and his website over here.

What about your top drawer? Have a rummage, snap a photo, and tweet it or post it to us. We’ll slide it in here.


Gallery Image - B+W film, disposable camera, Macbook: Who is Grant Armour? Gallery Image - B+W film, disposable camera, Macbook: Who is Grant Armour? Gallery Image - B+W film, disposable camera, Macbook: Who is Grant Armour?


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David Durbin

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