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  • The Creative Industries have proposed a blueprint to UK government for growth in a post-Brexit UK at the launch of #CreateUK week on Monday 4th July. The assessment from the Creative Industries Council (CIC) a partnership of industry and government, is based on the global reputation and strong recent growth of the UK creative industries. 



  • BFI chief says Brexit left ‘cloud of uncertainty’ over UK film. Amanda Nevill told the Standard her organisation is conducting urgent talks with major US studios and European counterparts to go over the likely impact of Brexit in ‘forensic detail’.



  • Liz Warner, founder of Betty, used her Bafta Television Lecture to call on the industry to snap out of its creative lethargy and recognise the ‘creative chasm’ that has appeared in its failure to respond to the digital age: "The younger generation are not switching on and television is failing the young but commissioners are putting ratings over creativity.'
  • Britain's newest paper was conceived in just nine days but will it last?


  • The seven ages of mobile - millenials' social shift pushes video use to the phone.   Italians are the most regular mobile video users with nearly 40% watching video on a mobile phone at least weekly. Americans (32%) and Spanish (30%) are a not-so-close second whereas across other major European markets, an average of just 17% of people regularly watch video on their mobile phones.



Tweet of the week   Americans - If you like Game of Thrones you're going to love the current series of British Politics. 



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Jane Saunders

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