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Would you like to win a two-day work placement with the award winning creative studio Holition? All you have to do is come up with an idea for a piece of wearable tech with purpose...

To get a head start sign up to Holition’s Open Door event on Tuesday 4th August and meet the 2D artists, producers and engineers working with some of the industries most iconic brands.


Holition is a creative agency behind 3D holographic fashion shows, Virtual Looks inspired by Alexander McQueen and wearable technology.

To win the opportunity to join their team for two days they are looking for a great idea of how wearable tech can have purpose. 

What is 'wearable tech'?

Put simply, it’s a new breed of technology that is both worn (obviously) and connects with the individual who is wearing the item, such as measuring a person’s heart rate.

This type of tech is still relatively in its early stages so there is a lot of scope for it to be developed and integrated into people’s everyday lives.

Here are some examples:

And some examples from around the office:

  • Hair clip that monitors the health of your hair, and what minerals it is lacking
  • A special pair of socks that alerts you when your feet are smelling

Deadline and Submission guidelines

Email your submission to by 10am on Wednesday 2 September.

You can submit your idea in any format you want: sketch, video, image or written (no more than 200 words).

More information about wearable tech can be found below:


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Kay Verdon

Careers Manager - Creative Skillset


Kay Verdon

Careers Manager - Creative Skillset

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