Whose London is it Anyway? Festival @ Camden People's Theatre 9 - 31 January

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In the run-up to the May 2016 mayoral election, this unique event explores London’s housing crisis, the impact of “regeneration”, the privatising of public space, and the experience of living in Europe’s only megacity. The incredibly diverse and exciting lineup for the festival includes:

Sun 17 Jan at 7pm WHOSE LONDON Film Night

A night of films made in and around London about the changing landscape. Each film will be introduced by its maker.
Concrete Heart Land, a film by Steven Ball and Rastko Novaković
Estate, a Reverie, by Andrea Luka Zimmerman
Our Street, by Jane Gull

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Sat 30 Jan, 2016 to Sun 31 Jan, 2016 CUNCRETE: A satirical drag eulogy for a world past its use-by-date.

"Tonight! Somewhere in a great European megacity, somewhere on the cusp of a new era, a middle-aged architect hosts the last ever episode of life-as-we-know-it. And let’s face it: when it comes down to it, it’s just portland cement, water, aggregate, air and the proletariat vs. The Man."

Hosted by washed-up default man/proto-god figure Archibald Tactful, and accompanied by anti-virtuoso drag king punk house band The Great White Males, Cuncrete is a gratuitously sleazy and joyfully noisy critique of alpha-masculinity and the built environment.

Fri 15 Jan, 2016 THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS presented by playwrights Luke Barnes and Brad Birch who discuss our modern relationship with happiness. Each episode focuses on a different aspect of modern living – this episode looks at how and if one can be happy when living in a city like London. Distracted and divergent, Luke Barnes (Game of Thrones) and Brad Birch (not Game of Thrones) tackle metropolitan living in the only way they know how – by having a chat about it.

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Sun 17 Jan at 5pm Pokfulam Rd Productions' play about China's investment in London during the housing crisis: I'M JUST HERE TO BUY SOY SAUCE part satire, part rom-com, the play asks the questions the politicians aren't. Written by Jingan Young and directed by Freyja Winterson.

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