How to make a great Hiive profile

The basics...

Your name should already be visible, so add a profile picture and a header image that represents you. Use something big if you can, as this is the first thing that people will see when they visit you on the site. And remember that every image uploader on Hiive supports animated GIFs. Do with that what you will.

When it comes to your education and work history, try the pull from LinkedIn button. It'll save you a lot of copy and pasting. The same goes for your portfolio, If you're a designer, try adding your Dribbble or Behance links. If you work a lot with video, add your Youtube and Vimeo accounts. All the stuff you add will be sorted chronologically, and updated automatically. Like magic. Automagically.

The secret sauce...

Hiive can become a very powerful tool for you as it has the ability to match you to vacancies, courses, people, content, companies, questions and swarms but in order for all this matching goodness to occur you need to TAG TAG TAG! So, on your profile put tags against the skills you have, the job roles similar to yours and the industry you work again.

But you want to get into a certain industry and don't necessarily have those tags I hear you ask? No stress, we have you covered. In the 'Where I am going' section, simply state the skills you would like to get, the job roles you would be interested in getting and the industries you would like to work in and we can match you to relevant vacancies, courses, people, content, companies, questions and swarms to help you make it happen. 

Simply put, the more you fill out, the better the results. And whenever you want to come back to your profile, just click your profile picture in the top right of the page. 

More to come...

Please remember that is still in development, so some functionality may not yet be in place, or might not work as expected. To shape the development of Hiive, and help us out, you can get in touch with the Contact Us section of the site, or join the Hiive Bug Report swarm. For more information about profiles, portfolios and picking the perfect selfie, check out the Knowledge section, on


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Max Green

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