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Hiive Swarms are brand new, and really great. We should know, we invented them. Hiive Swarms can be used to group together users for a variety of purposes, to share interesting content, discuss industry topics, or even plan an event or project together. We'd love to see what you guys use them for, and we'll be featuring our favourites on the Hiive blog.

Start by thinking about what your Hiive Swarm will be and who it's for. You can already find Hiive Swarms for meetups, creative projects, groups and networks, so think about your members first. If you're all set, click "add a new swarm" to start the process. You'll notice it's a lot like making a profile, so I'm sure you'll be familiar with it. Fill out the fields and drop in a profile picture and header image. You might want to include a featured video to explain what your Hiive Swarm's all about, add a public location if it's an event or meetup, and decide whether you want to allow swarm members to upload their own content. Flip the switch when you're ready to publish, and hit save.

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Now you can see your public swarm. Hiive will automatically recommend members that you might want to invite, so let's grab a few. You can decide their role in the project, too. Maybe you want to credit them for their individual contributions to an event, or maybe you want to specify the individuals to get in touch with about the project. You can even split your members into two groups, and pit them against each other. Do your worst. Hiive Swarms are a really powerful and flexible tool for you to do whatever you want with. And we're really looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with. Remember that the more content you add, more and more relevant users will be matched to your swarm

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Please remember that is still in development, so some functionality may not yet be in place, or might not work as expected. To shape the development of Hiive, and help us out, you can get in touch with the Contact Us section of the site, or join the Hiive Bug Report swarm. For more information about swarms, users and animated GIFs, check out the Knowledge section, on


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