How to make the most of Hiive company profiles

Makes business sense...

Welcome, business owner. Perhaps you've considered listing your company on Hiive? It's a great way to connect with your audience, and attract the best talent from across the UK. Think Yellow Pages, but relevant in the 21st century.

Just think of a company page as another profile on Hiive, attached to your main profile. With it, you can showcase your business, answer FAQs from potential recruits, and let people know what skills you need them to have if they want to get their foot in your door. Plus, you’ll be matched and recommended to courses for you and your staff, and to other relevant users on the site, based on your company data.

Maximise your assets...

Get started with your company logo and a header image (as always, bigger is better). Then, move on to some more details. The best part is that when you create vacancies, you can assign them to your company page, which is a great way to keep everything in order as a recruiter. Or if you just like things tidy. The same goes for assigning other users, and swarms. If you're running events, just assign the swarm to your company page. If you're a small business and your whole team is on Hiive, hook all their profiles into your company page so that everyone can interact with other users.

Oh, and if you offer courses, remember to click the switch to indicate that - then, you’ll be able to add courses to our course directory and start promoting them to the Hiive community.

The company pages are just as flexible as anything else on Hiive, and we can't wait to see what you guys can do with it. Plus you can make changes at any time, so if your dramatic rebrand goes awry, you're safe in the knowledge that you can roll it all back.

More to come...

Please remember that is still in development, so some functionality may not yet be in place, or might not work as expected. To shape the development of Hiive, and help us out, you can get in touch with the Contact Us section of the site, or join the Hiive Bug Report swarm. For more information about companies, business and making your logo bigger, check out the Knowledge section, on


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