How to use the Vacancy and Course Bulk Uploader

So you’ve set up your company page (if you need guidance on this check out this two-minute video). And now you’re ready to upload your vacancies and/or courses.

But if you have more than one vacancy or course, adding these one at a time would be tedious. This is where our bulk uploader feature saves you time and hassle.

How to add multiple vacancies and courses to Hiive:

  1. Click on your avatar icon at the top right of the screen and select ‘My companies’.
  2. Click on your company page.
  3. Click on the ‘Edit’ button.
  4. Click either the ‘Vacancy bulk upload’ or ‘Course bulk upload’ button.
  5. Download the ‘Excel template’ highlighted in red.
  6. Open the Excel spreadsheet.
  7. Fill in the relevant details, taking into account our formatting guidance in the column headers. (For vacancies, please include at least one option for applicants on Hiive to apply—online, e-mail, telephone or via post—as this is a mandatory requirement).
  8. Enter either all your vacancies or courses, and save the spreadsheet. You’re now ready to upload them to Hiive.
  9. Select ‘Choose a file’ in the vacancy or course bulk upload page you were just on and upload the spreadsheet you’ve just saved.
  10. Click ‘Update details’—if everything went to plan, you’ll see a notification to celebrate your success.

Get the most from Hiive with tags

Tagging your vacancies or courses is the secret sauce that will significantly improve their visibility to Hiive users. Not only will they appear on the vacancy or course listings page, but also be delivered to the relevant talent you want to attract.

Hiive will automatically match your vacancies or courses to users on Hiive that have the same tags within their profiles. For example, if you tag your vacancy as film, all users with film tags will be notified and recommended of your newly added vacancy or course.

To add tags to your newly uploaded opportunities:

  1. Navigate to your vacancy or course and select ‘Edit’.
  2. Click ‘Tags’.
  3. Select the industries, skills and job roles are associated with the vacancy.
  4. Click ‘Save changes’.

Please remember to add in company imagery and social accounts which are all found in the edit section of the vacancy.

This will not only make the vacancy look more appealing but will increase views and potential applications.


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Simon Barros

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Simon Barros

Hiive Coordinator

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