Should I be a member or a follower of a swarm?

So you've signed up, connected with some interesting people, asked a question in the Q&A, and had a dabble in the swarms section, but you're unsure where the differences lies between following a swarm and becoming a member, or both...

Essentially users who follow a swarm will be notified of what's going on within the swarm as well as being listed as a follower.


As a 'Follower' you will be notified:

• When a comment has been made on the swarm
• When a user has uploaded media (this could be a video, image, vine or audio file)

Both followers and non followers of a swarm can particiapte in the discussion section of a swarm and attach an image to it.


You can become a member of a swarm, only if the swarm owner has added a group to the swarm.

Once this is done, users can request to become a member of a swarm, which will fire off a notification to the swarm owner who can confirm or deny the request.

On the other hand, the swarm owner can manually add members to their swarm but this time the user will have to confirm their membership before being added.

Swarm members are displayed in the members section of a swarm and have the ability to add media (images, videos from Youtube or Vimeo, Vines and audio files), if this has been activated by the swarm owner.

Beyond the permission that swarm members have, the added benefit of listing out the members is that it shows the Hiive community (and employers) which users played a part in the swarm and what role they played.

Thinking of creating a swarm to promote an event?

Show off who worked at the event - the speakers, event organiser, attendees, tea-makers (or not)...

Promoting a film?

Let the community know who were behind the camera, who acted, who did the make-up or put the post production and animations for the film. 

Looking for people to help finish your album?

Who produced it, played the drums, mastered the track, designed and marketed the track?

Think IMDB

This can be used as a credit (think IMDB), as the Hiive community will see exactly what you've worked on and the role you played.

If you've worked on multiple projects, these will be seen on your profile under the members tab, so it’s easy for employers and other creatives to know what you're made of.

This brings together the Hiive ethos that by having a rich profile on Hiive, it acts as your online CV.



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