Eight of the best fringe festivals

1. {link removed} 

The {link removed} Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world. It is an open-access festival, which means anyone can register to take a show to a host venue. Running from the end of July to the end of August, with registration opening at the beginning of the year, the Fringe welcomes thousands of performers, producers, promoters, journalists and companies from the UK and abroad. 

The {link removed} (EFFS) leads roadshows throughout UK at the start of the year to provide an insight into the workings of the Ed Fringe. To find out more, visit the website.

IdeasTap runs the {link removed} to help our members take new shows to Ed Fringe and you’ll find heaps of articles in IdeasMag on how to make the most of Ed Fringe. There are {link removed} in the lead up to the festival and we’ll be on the ground, in Edinburgh, to help you navigate the wonderful, sometimes overwhelming world of the original Fringe.


2. Brighton Festival Fringe

The Brighton Festival Fringe is the largest festival in England and runs throughout May each year. An open access festival for which anyone can register a show at a host venue, the Brighton Fringe welcomes thousands of artists, performers, producers, promoters and media professionals. Registration opens in October. 

{link removed} is an IdeasTap partner and we offer funding for companies looking to take shows to Brighton each year. There are also lots of helpful articles in IdeasMag about how to prepare, network and get the best out of your time at Brighton Fringe plus practical {link removed} in the lead-up to May.


3. Buxton Festival Fringe 

The Buxton Festival Fringe runs for three weeks in July each year. Anyone can enter work, there is no selection process, but it’s down to entrants to secure a venue. With an eclectic programme of drama, music, dance, comedy and visual arts, Buxton is one of the largest Fringe festivals in the country. Registration opens at the beginning of the year.


4. Camden Fringe

The Camden Fringe runs throughout August each year and is an open application performing arts festival. Taking place in venues across the London borough of Camden, the fringe provides an alternative to Edinburgh to showcase new material. Registration opens at the beginning of the year. All details on how to apply, venue costs and promotional opportunities are on the website.


5. Bath Fringe Festival 

Bath Fringe is an annual 17-day multi-arts festival in May and June. To self-promote a show in the classic fringe way (book your own venue, pay a fee for an entry in the programme and take the door money), the Bath Fringe website has a list of venues to approach. Alternatively, Bath Fringe programmes 20% of the acts for the festival from December to February and can be contacted via an online form on the website.


6. The Greater Manchester Fringe Festival

The Greater Manchester Fringe Festival (TGMFF) runs in July each year. TGMFF welcomes original productions and revival works in theatre, music, poetry and comedy. The website has a list of registered venues and TGMFF can help you to find a suitable space if required. To register a production, visit the website – there is a small £10 administration fee. 


7. Oxford Fringe 

The Oxford Fringe runs for two weeks at the end of May and beginning of June. Anyone can enter the Oxford Fringe, all art forms are accepted and there is no censorship or selection. Productions need to arrange a slot with a venue and then enter the fringe online to be included in the brochure and on the website. There is an entry fee, which covers all marketing and fringe running costs. 


8. Ventnor Fringe 

The Ventnor Fringe on the Isle of Wight takes place in August each year and welcomes emerging and established artists across all artforms. This is an open access festival so anyone can take an event or show. Registration is open from early in the year and there is an administration fee. Artists are entitled to 100% of their ticket sales.


Are there any other great fringe festivals that people should know about? Leave a comment!


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