What is a Creative Producer?

A Creative Producer is the individual who pulls the strings and brings each piece of the creative project together.

The Creative Producer should have a good knowledge in the field that their project is taking shape in, for example, if organising a filmmaking workshop then a good grasp in filmmaking is needed, or if working on a magazine then strong editorial skills is in order.

It also means that by bringing all the pieces of the jigsaw together, you'll be required to carry out varying tasks. These could be considered administrative such as being responsible for the finances or creating a plan, or less so, like scouting for talent,or overseeing promotion and marketing.

The idea can sometimes belong to the Creative Producer, but this is not always the case. Either way, they'll need to have a strong grasp of what's needed to achieve the project's aims - why one director or designer is more appropriate than another, or whether it's best to do as much as possible in camera on a film or to use VFX.

Think of the role as being the backbone of the creative project with a mixture of administration, strategy and operations, who has to constantly come up with the most cost-effective solution while protecting the overall creative vision.

Sky Academy Arts Scholarships are open to artists in the UK and Ireland aged 18-30, and offer £30k/€40k towards the development of an artistic project and the cost of living for one year, along with mentoring from Sky and the arts industry. Applications are now open.


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Simon Barros

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Simon Barros

Hiive Coordinator

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