What is Skills Passport?

Skills Passport is your gateway to acquiring new skills for your career in television and film.

It is a simple tool designed to help TV and film professionals navigate the broad - and often confusing - spectrum of short training courses available to them.

This is not an accreditation scheme but it does identify great short courses and how they could benefit you and your career in the long run.

At the successful conclusion of each short course, you can apply for a Course Complete badge from Skills Passport to be saved on your mobile or attached to your profile on Hiive, Creative Skillset’s online creative platform.

Skills Passport can help you:

Identify the key skills required for different roles within the screen industries

Find short training courses which can help you acquire those skills  

Build an accessible, reputable training record for yourself and future employers

How does it work?

Browse the Skills Passport short-course database below by selecting the screen industry you are interested in from high-end TV drama or film. You can filter by industry, department, job level and key skill. You can also browse our ‘Skills for All’ page, which highlights short courses that are important for everyone across all sectors such as leadership, computer skills and unconscious bias.

If you find a course which addresses the skills you are interested in, follow the link to the training provider website to book your place.

Remember, Creative Skillset awards bursaries to professionals who are actively looking to upskill. If you need help funding your professional training, check out the Creative Skillset website to apply.

Share your email address with the training provider at the end of the course and you will be sent a digital Course Complete badge from Skills Passport. You can save this badge straight away on your phone and attach it to your Hiive online profile, allowing you to build up an accessible, reputable training record which you can show to potential employers.

Start browsing short courses relevant to you NOW!

Skills Passport currently includes short training courses aimed at those working in high-end TV in production office grades, and "skills for all" courses for screen industry professionals across all sectors.

We will shortly be adding CRAFT AND TECH TRAINING COURSES for high-end TV. 

Check back here or email SkillsPassport@creativeskillset.org to be the first to know when new courses are added.