HETV TRAINEE FINDER : New Look, New Talent

From 1st April 2018 our new team of High-End TV Drama Trainee Finder trainees will be ready and available to be placed onto productions paying into the High-End Television Levy fund.

With us from 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019, HETV Trainee Finder will have a team of 80 trainees who will be placed across 8 priority grades:

  • Production office Runner
  • Art department
  • Camera
  • Costume
  • Editorial / Post
  • Hair and Make up
  • Locations
  • Floor runner

To be able to eligible for Trainee Finder you must have agreed to contribute to the high-end TV skills levy. For levy enquiries and payments, please contact Patrizia Berardi patriziab@creativeskillset.org

The Trainee Finder database gives you access to all the trainees currently part of the scheme. You can search for trainees by location, job role and availability. Once you have reviewed the profile of the relevant trainees you can select as many as you want to contact.

The expression of interest button on the trainee’s profile will alert the Trainee Finder team who will then send you the contact details of the trainees so you can contact them for interview.

You will agree training placement dates with each trainee as well as their expenses allowance(see below for the parameters for a trainee on Trainee Finder).

Once these factors are agreed, get back in touch with the Trainee Finder team and we issue a contract confirming the above between Creative Skillset and the Production company

The appointed supervisor and the trainee will agree a training plan at the start of the placement benchmarking the trainees’ skills, and learning objectives. At the end of the placement the training plan will evidence how far the trainee has progressed. Subsequent placements for the trainee will build on these achievements.

  • The trainee is required to agree a training plan with you at the beginning of their placement, keep it updated regularly, and submit to you a completed training plan signed by the supervisor at the end of the placement.
  • The trainee is also to complete timesheets each week for the production/account office.
  • Trainees are considered to be on a Training Agreement rather than an employment contract and therefore the expenses allowance must be paid via a bursary/direct bank transfer.
  • We cannot match-fund any expenses allowance paid PAYE or via payroll. 
  • Trainees under a Training Agreement do not incur tax, so bursary payments are exempt from tax and NI for both trainee and production.
  • We can match fund training up to a maximum of 60 hours per week. Any hours the trainee is expected to work over 60 hours per week should be covered by a separate agreement made directly between the production and the trainee.

Key Changes to The New Trainee Finder Programme for 2018/19

  •  Please contact Patrizia Berardi in the first instance to let her know the details of your production and the opportunity you are able to offer to those on the Trainee finder scheme. She will send over details of which trainees are available for your production and /or send you a link to the trainees listed on the Hiive website as approved 2018/19 trainees
  • We are able to support three trainees per production from the above list up between 4 - 16 weeks each per placement – this equates to a total of 48 weeks of trainee placement per production. Whilst ideally we prefer productions to offer 3 trainees x 16 weeks per trainee per production, do let us know if you require more flexibility i.e 2 trainees at 24 weeks.
  • No other subsidy for other grades outside these departments is available – if we are unable to offer a trainee from the pool due to none being available for your dates - we are happy to discuss potential new trainees who could join the scheme subject to interview.
  • Creative Skillset will re-imburse 50% of the training allowance subsidy for each trainee up to a maximum of £450pw
  • Each of the 80 trainees has been interviewed by an industry professional working in the chosen department and will have taken part in a three day induction, to ensure they are placement ready

  • Every trainee will also take part in the HETV Trainee Finder Pastoral Care programme, which will include valuable additional training including, health and safety on set, supporting a carbon neutral production and finance for freelancers

  • A dedicated HETV Trainee Finder team available to support your production and your trainees get the very best from the opportunity

  • Patrizia Berardi, Trainee Finder Manager will be your key contact in accessing trainee talent once you have paid into the levy. Please contact Patrizia if you are looking for trainees and the team will match trainees to placements and give recommended shortlists to productions to interview

    Patrizia Berardi, Trainee Finder Manager
    0207 7139 889

    Nicky Ball, Senior New Entrant Manager is your key contact for the programme as a whole.
    Nicky Ball, Senior New Entrant Manager
    07432 591 375


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