About Us

Hiive is a professional networking site. It’s a digital community of collaborators from the creative industries all across the UK. Hiive allows professionals, employers and educators to tap into the UK’s collective industry insight. It's a community where you can get in, get on and get better!

Creatives, take your next step

Creative minds of the world, Hiive is for you, by you. Hiive is full of people like you, and the people you want to be like. Connect with them – your next opportunity is here.

Businesses, grow

Connect with a pool of voracious, proactive talent. Get the most valuable business advice there is: the advice of others who are doing it right now. And give it, to kick-start the next generation.

Educators, step up your offering

Connect to the crowd to fill your courses. Build industry connections. Get insights. Henri Matisse said that creativity takes courage. So, join us, meet someone and say Hi, I've...